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The Zeta Group Mission

The mission of Zeta Group is to provide engineering and manufacturing solutions with the highest level of innovation, professionalism and quality. Strong technical expertise, lean processes, and speed-to-market ability gives us a competitive advantage in executing projects of all sizes.

As a progressive company, we build strong client relationships and value the contribution of every employee. We develop value-added solutions that will take your business to the next level.

Zeta Group is a dedicated team of individuals sharing a personal commitment to your success. Our core values empower our people to respond quickly to clients’ needs and exceed expectations.

Safety – Fostering a culture of safety that extends beyond the working environment.

  • Maintain safety awareness in all aspects of work and personal life.
  • Everybody’s safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Stay current with training, standards and practices.

Integrity – Adhering to highest ethical principles in business conduct and confidentiality.

  • Base relationships on openness and honesty.
  • Keep client confidentiality needs a high priority.
  • Do the right thing when nobody is watching.

Respect – Approaching all relationships with dignity and courtesy.

  • Embrace the uniqueness of every individual, and recognizing their contributions.
  • Make no distinction based on position or title.
  • Support co-workers, clients, and associates positively and constructively.

Innovation – Developing creative ideas to maximize our clients’ competitive advantage.

  • Communicate improvements beyond the scope of the task to leadership.
  • Include out-of-the-box thinking when generating ideas and concepts.
  • In addition to design, extend creativity to aspects such as fabrication, installation, operation, and maintenance.

Client Value – Understanding the needs of our clients and the importance of speed-to-market.

  • Study project scope, ask questions, and work closely with the client to optimize efficiency.
  • Identify options and risk areas in pursuit of best results.
  • Work with a targeted approach, tracking effort against metrics.

Ownership – Being accountable for the actions and outcomes of our efforts.

  • Communicate areas of concern or uncertainty in design work.
  • React to problems with constructive mindset, focusing on the problem rather a person.
  • Propose solutions or options to problems that have been identified.
  • Along with problems, bring a solution.

Commitment – Working with passion and focus to provide quality products and services.

  • Use disciplined work methods to stay efficient.
  • Aim for exceeding expectations, rather than meeting them.
  • Work toward the ultimate goal of repeat business.

Community – Maintaining a sense of responsibility and contribution to benefit society as a whole.

  • Consider direct and indirect design impacts for the client.
  • Apply design considerations that are safe, ergonomic, environmental and industry leading.
  • Be proactive in improving the quality of life in the world we live.